Insanely delicious quick marinated mushrooms

Marinated mushrooms are the best snack for all time. Such mushrooms can be safely put on a festive table, they do not differ from purchased ones. They are even more delicious.

List of ingredients:

• champignons — 0,5 kg
• garlic — 3 cloves
• onion — 1 piece
• Bulgarian red pepper — 0,5 pcs.

For marinade
• water — 1 l
• bay leaf — 1 pc.
• black peppercorns — 5 pcs.
• marjoram to taste
• vinegar 9% — 80 ml
• salt — 1.5 tsp
• sugar — 12 gr
• olive oil — 1 tbsp

Cooking process

1. Start with mushrooms. We clean them and wash them. Then we dry it with a towel. Take the pan, put the mushrooms in it and boil them for 5 minutes in salted water.
2. Separately, prepare marinade. In the pot, pour water, add the spices on the list all, except vinegar and butter. Bring to a boil and cook all the ingredients for 5 minutes. Then pour in the vinegar and olive oil.
3. Chop onion and garlic. Cut Bulgarian pepper into cubes.
4. Take a ceramic pan or a glass jar. Put mushrooms in it, and prepared vegetables from above. Fill everything with a hot marinade and leave to cool. Then put in the refrigerator for 12 hours and you can eat.

Insanely delicious quick marinated mushrooms

Bon Appetite!

Insanely delicious quick marinated mushrooms