Amazing homemade mozzarella

This is a real mozzarella recipe. You can cook it at home without any difficulties. The necessary products are easily purchased at any store.

List of ingredients

  • citric acid — ½ tsp
  • water (need cold) — 120 ml
  • milk of cow (must be whole, full-cream) — 4 l
  • rennet enzyme — ¼ tsp
  • water distilled, not chlorinated — 50 ml

Getting started

  1. Take a small bowl. Pour in milk there, citric acid and mix. Put the pan on a stove and turn on to 32 degrees. Raise the rennet in water and pour it into warm milk. Stir a little. Cover with a lid and leave for 10 minutes. Milk will begin to transform into a soft cheese mass.
  2. Take the knife and cut the cheese mass in small squares of 2.5 cm. Then stir and put on a stove. Heat up to 43 degrees.
  3. Now take a colander and place it in bowl with high sides. With the help of a skimmer transfer the cheese mass into it and let the liquid drain. Then place the cheese mass in a saucepan again. Put the liquid on the stove and turn on to 85 degrees. Put on rubber gloves and tear off a piece of cheese from the whole mass. Put it in a skimmer and place it in a heated liquid for 10 seconds.
  4. The cheese mass will melt to become very viscous. Stretch it, and then put down. Repeat this action 4 times. Place the cheese in a warm liquid (whey) for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the stretching. Due to the fact, that this cheese mass melts, it becomes elastic. As soon as the cheese mass becomes very smooth, roll it into small balls or braids.
  5. In case you prefer salty cheese, sprinkle salt on your taste.

Important! Be sure to use real cow’s milk. By choosing a pasteurized product, you will not get cheese at the output, but ricotta.

Amazing homemade mozzarella

Bon Appetite!

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Amazing homemade mozzarella