Amazingly appetizing homemade sausage

We present to your attention a wonderful recipe for boiled sausage. You can cook it yourself with the slightest effort!

No type of store sausage can compare with the taste of sausage you cook yourself. This recipe is different from others as it has no lard in it and it has honey inside. And despite the honey, the taste of sausage is spicy and mouth-watering.

List of required products

  • Honey — 1 tablespoon
  • Nut (Muscat) — 0,5 tablespoon
  • Garlic (dried) — 1 tablespoon
  • Meat (beef) — 1,5 kg
  • Paprika — 2 tablespoons
  • A special shell for sausage making (for example, polyamide with a thickness of 60 mm)
  • Dried dill — 1 tablespoon
  • Chicken thighs (split and boneless) — 2 kg
  • Basil (dried) — 1 tablespoon
  • Salt — 75 grams
  • Peppercorns (for broth)
  • Ground pepper — 1 tablespoon
  • Broth — 350 ml


Getting Started

  1. To start, take the chicken thighs and remove the bones and skin. Put the bones in a saucepan, add peppercorns and salt. Pour water and put on fire. Boil the broth. When it cools, it must be filtered and placed in a refrigerator.
  2. Divide the meat (beef) into two parts and one of them, which is at your discretion is fatter than the other, grind it in a meat grinder (at a small fraction).
  3. Chop the chicken skin (removed from thighs). The remaining beef and chicken meat cut into small squares (approximately 2 cm).
  4. Put in a deep bowl mix chopped and minced meat. Pour honey to this mixture. Hold on mixing well. Pour the spices and salt in a separate bowl (it is better to take a small one). Mix them and add them to the stuffing.
  5. Begin to mix the resulting mass, while adding a cold broth all the time.
  6. Fill the special shell as closely as possible (for sausage cooking) with minced meat. In this case, do not allow air to enter the shell. In case there is a void with air, take a thin needle and pierce in that particular place. When the shell is full, tie both sausage ends with strong threads.
  7. When purchasing such a shell in the store, be sure to verify its quality. It will directly affect the quality of your sausage. After you have done all of the above, ready sausages should be suspended in a vertical position for a couple of hours under the room temperature.
  8. After the specified time, remove the sausages and start to cook them (about one and a half to two hours).
  9. Ready sausages should be cooled in cold water and re-hung (only this time in a cool room, not less than for 12 hours).
  10. After the specified time elapses, this snack should be wrapped in paper, and put in the refrigerator.

Amazingly appetizing homemade sausage

Bon appetite!

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Amazingly appetizing homemade sausage