Beautiful snack — cake

Prepare a cake, an original snack or a dietary dessert is possible by using waffles. We share with you a simple recipe for a delicious and bright snack cake (on waffle sheets) for holidays or daily menu. This appetizer will surely appeal to seafood lovers. It consists of inexpensive and readily available ingredients that do not require long-term heat treatment. Therefore, you can cook such a snack from waffle cakes with crab sticks just in half an hour.

List of ingredients:

• 6 wafer sheets;
• 150 grams of hard cheese;
• one small head of garlic;
• 3-4 pickled cucumbers;
• One sweet Bulgarian pepper;
• 200 grams of crab sticks;
• 4 fresh chicken eggs;
• salt — to taste;
• 200 milliliters of mayonnaise;
• green onions and dill greens — for decoration.

Cooking process

1. Boil fresh chicken eggs in advance, cool them and peel them from the shell.
2. Small pickled cucumbers, removing the tails, cut into small cubes.
3. Peel one sweet red Bulgarian pepper from seeds and partitions, remove the peduncle and cut into small cubes.
4. Peel the cleaned eggs with a knife or with the help of egg-cutter into small pieces.
5. Crab sticks peeled from the films are cut into strips or cubes.
6. A piece of hard cheese rubbed on a large grater.
7. Start collecting the cake. Spread the waffle leaf, grease it with mayonnaise or a universal dressing for salads.
8. Sprinkle the first sheet of grated cheese, cover with a second wafer sheet.
9. It is also lubricated with mayonnaise or a universal sauce, lay out a layer of pickled cucumbers.
10. On the next sheet, greased with mayonnaise, put the sweet Bulgarian pepper sliced into pieces.
11. Continue in this order: greased sheet — crab sticks, the next sheet with mayonnaise — boiled eggs, a little salt them.
12. The last wafer sheet is also greased with mayonnaise or a universal sauce. Leave the cake for an hour and a half to impregnate.
13. Decorate the cake before serving: Bulgarian pepper, green onions and dill. You can decorate to your taste.

Beautiful snack - cake

Bon Appetite!

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Beautiful snack — cake