Beehive: amazing salad with liver for children

The liver is a very useful product, this is of common knowledge. However, not all children like eating it. Here you can trick them and cook at the same time a beautiful and healthy dish. For example, here is a salad with a liver. It is called «Beehive», which sounds amazingly, doesn’t it?

In accordance with experienced parents’ points of view, no child will refuse this tasty thing and so attractive thing.

What products to take

  • 2 tbsp. — honey;
  • 300 g — beef liver;
  • 1 tbsp — soy sauce;
  • 6 potatoes cooked in jackets;
  • ½ lemon;
  • 3 hard-boiled eggs;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 pcs. — cooked carrots;
  • to taste — sour cream or mayonnaise;
  • salt;
  • for roasting — vegetable oil;
  • for breading — flour.

For decoration:

  • sweet peas;
  • 1 — cooked carrot;
  • parsley;
  • black olives without stones;
  • radish;
  • black caviar.

Begin to cook

  1. Chop onion, then pour lemon juice and half honey, leave to marinate for 15 minutes, then mix with soy sauce.
  2. The liver should be cut into large pieces. After that we pour inside some flour and fry it until it becomes ready in oil, then grind everything and salt to taste.
  3. We cut into small cubes carrots and potatoes.
  4. We grind separately the yolks and the whites.
  5. Mix the remaining honey with sour cream.
  6. We take three plates of different sizes and cover them with a special confectionery film.
  7. Into each bowl we alternately put the layers of ingredients, covering them with prepared sauce.
  8. First comes the potato layer, then onion, liver, whites and vegetable.
  9. We put the plates for half an hour into the fridge.
  10. Then turn it over to the dish.
  11. Cover with the sauce.
  12. Sprinkle with yolk. Don’t forget to leave some of it for decoration.
  13. Mix yolks with sour cream, make small bee figures, decorate them with olives, add pepper eyes, and wings from radish.
  14. From below decorate everything with parsley.
  15. Take some carrots and cut the flowers out of them.
  16. The entrance to the beehive is made from black caviar.

Beehive: amazing salad with liver for children

It turns out to be such a wonderful and so appetizing children’s salad! Enjoy your meal!

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Beehive: amazing salad with liver for children