Chow fan or fried rice

Fried rice under various names is widely prepared throughout Asia, of course, differing from place to place both in composition and in the manner of its preparation. Only one thing remains unchanged: rice and egg.

It turns out that it is possible to prepare quite a different dish just taking the rice left from yesterday, driving there an egg and flavoring everything with soy sauce. Are you ready to get a new dish? This yummy is cheap, tasty and fast, but what else do you need?

List of required products

  • rice (cooked in advance);
  • garlic — 1 clove;
  • paprika — 1 item;
  • hot pepper — 1 item;
  • onion — 1 items;
  • egg — 1-2 items;
  • eggplant — 1 item;
  • champignons — 2 items;
  • oyster sauce — 4 tbsp.;
  • soy sauce — 2 tbsp;
  • sesame oil;
  • green onion (for serving)

Begin to cook

In fact, this dish is from the category of «something tasty and quick» after a working day. You can prepare it almost immediately, just until everyone is washing the hands and disassembling bags. Being universal in terms of ingredients, as it is originally prepared from everything that has been found in the kitchen. And, of course, very tasty.

  1. Ideally take yesterday’s rice or, at least, left after cooking a couple of hours to dry off excess moisture. If you take just cooked rice, you will get a boring porridge instead.
  2. Well, finely chop the garlic. After that chop the pepper and put it aside. Vegetables are cut and put into another bowl. We prepare everything in advance, because then there will be no time. We mix a tablespoon of oyster sauce and two tablespoons of soy one. We’ll take one or two eggs.
  3. At maximum fire, heat the frying pan or wok, if you are lucky to have one at home. We splash there a couple of spoons of sesame oil and heat it to a light smoke appearance. Throw garlic and hot pepper inside. Please, be careful as garlic burns instantly. Mix everything with a special shovel and add vegetables. Constantly stirring, fry all a few minutes to make the vegetables roast, but remained crispy at the same time. We shift them to half a frying pan and pour out the eggs.
  4. Immediately, until the top of the eggs doesn’t become hard, add the rice and mix everything. We pour everything with the sauce and stir constantly. In general, «stir» is considered to be the key word when cooking in a wok, the walls of the wok are thin, the fire is big and if you gape, then everything burns completely. We cook another 5 minutes, add a couple of spoons of sesame oil for the aroma and you can serve, sprinkling with a large chopped green onion.

Chow fan or fried rice

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Chow fan or fried rice