Delicious pate with eggs and nuts

We present to your attention the recipe of a very tasty pate. It is prepared very quickly and easily. You can store it in a refrigerator in a glass jar. Will make an excellent snack for lunch or dinner. You can also take to a picnic to have a bite of sandwiches with this delicious pate.

List of ingredients:

• 2 eggs
• 2-3 onions
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 20 gr of butter
• 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
• 30 gr walnuts
• salt to taste
• black pepper to taste

Cooking process

1. First of all boil the eggs.
2. Cut the onion at your discretion. Then we send to a heated frying pan with vegetable oil and butter to fry until golden. Due to the fact that we use butter, the pate will have a tender note.
3. When eggs are cooked, cut them arbitrarily.
4. Grind nuts in a convenient way for you, and cut garlic with plates.
5. Place all the prepared ingredients in the blender bowl, add salt and black pepper to taste. Grind all into a homogeneous mass.

Delicious pate with eggs and nuts

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious pate with eggs and nuts