Marinated tomatoes: a bright snack for any table

An original, very tasty and bright snack from marinated tomatoes will decorate any table: everyday and festive. At the height of the tomato season, the recipe for this appetizer will be very welcome. Classical pickling has three main goals: giving flavor, softening the main dish and extending the shelf life. In our version it is necessary to give a peculiar taste to tomatoes. And for this we will use a marinade, which includes the ingredients listed below. Delicious piquant tomatoes, cooked in a cold way, will be ready in half an hour.

List of ingredients:

• 6 ripe red tomatoes;
• two cloves of garlic;
• one tablespoon of soy sauce;
• chili pepper — to taste;
• two tablespoons of olive (or sunflower) oil with a smell;
• lettuce leaves — for decoration;
• a mixture of peppers — to taste;
• one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Cooking process

1. A flat serving dish is decorated with lettuce or parsley leaves.
2. Ripe, bright red tomatoes of medium size, thoroughly washed under running water. Tomatoes must necessarily be firm, with dense flesh.
3. Cut tomatoes in circles of 1 cm. Spread them beautifully on the leaves of the salad.
4. Two peeled garlic cloves are passed through a press or rubbed on a fine grater. Put it in a small bowl.
5. Hot chili peppers are cut into the smallest pieces: adjust the amount to your taste. We send it to a bowl with garlic.
6. Extrude the same juice of lemon (according to the recipe), well mash with a spoon.
7. Add the soy sauce and vegetable oil with a smell to the bowl. Stir well and leave for 10 minutes.
8. Sprinkle tomatoes with a mixture of peppers, grease the marinade (abundantly).
9. Let the dish to brew for about half an hour (while laying on the table) and you can serve.

Marinated tomatoes: a bright snack for any table

Bon Appetite!

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Marinated tomatoes: a bright snack for any table