Original snack, beetroot rolls with herring

We present you the original recipe for a snack for the festive table. Such pancakes can be made with any filling. We suggest you stuff them with herring, you will get a very original and unusual taste.

List of ingredients:

• fillet of herring — 300 gr
• juice from beet — 200 ml
• curd cheese — 150 gr
• sugar — 12 gr
• vegetable oil
• salt — 0.5 tsp
• rye flour — 3 tbsp
• vinegar 9% — 1.5 tbsp
• egg — 1 piece

Cooking process

1. Take a deep cup, pour in it beetroot juice, vinegar, vegetable oil (1 tablespoon). Pour sugar and salt, drive in the egg. Everything is mixed with a corolla.
2. Add the flour and mix it to the resulting mass. It turns liquid dough, which is easily poured from the ladle.
3. Then warm up the pan, lubricate the oil and fry the pancakes.
4. Cut the herring into thin strips.
5. Then take the pancake and smear it with curd cheese, from above we put the herring. Fold the pancakes into a roll and cut them into pieces, slightly obliquely.
6. The dish is ready, you can lay out on a serving plate.

Original snack, beetroot rolls with herring

Bon Appetite!

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Original snack, beetroot rolls with herring