Original spoon-snacks with caviar

Original sandwiches made from puff pastry, in the form of spoons with caviar will become a real decoration of your table and will amaze your guests and family members. The simplest and most common way of serving caviar is a piece of white bread with a thin layer of oil, and on top is a scattering of bright orange balls. If you want the guests to be delighted not only by the very fact of appearance on the festive table of red caviar, but also from your creativity, serve it in the original «spoons» of puff pastry.

List of ingredients:

• 400 grams of puff pastry;
• 100 grams of red caviar;
• 50 grams of butter.

Cooking process

1. Puff pastry can be used already ready, and you can cook yourself. The dough is rolled into a layer of 7 mm thick, take a regular tablespoon, put it on the dough and cut out a spoon from the dough with a knife.
2. Where there should be a groove, we knead it with hands (that is, we put it into shape) and do a few small holes with a fork.
3. Lay out the blanks on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
4. Send a baking tray with «spoons» to the oven, heated to 180-200 degrees, for 20 minutes.
5. Put the butter beforehand to the freezer so that it freezes well: it will be easier to rub it.
6. Rub the butter (according to the recipe) on a small grater.
7. Decorate the cooled spoons: put a little bit of butter and caviar on top.
8. Spread sandwiches-spoons on a dish and decorate it with slices of cucumber and parsley sprigs.

Original spoon-snacks with caviar

Bon Appetite!

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Original spoon-snacks with caviar