Pickled mushrooms

We present to your attention an excellent recipe for mushroom harvesting for the winter. In this recipe, we use redheads, but you can pickle any other mushrooms. Very delicious are the mushrooms for this recipe. For their preparation, you only need 2 ingredients. No vinegar or other harmful products. Everything is simple and very fast.

List of ingredients:

• mushrooms
• salt

Cooking process

1. We begin with mushrooms. They need to be cleaned. Then take the pot or bucket. Pour salt on the bottom, top, legs up, put mushrooms, then salt again and so on, until the redheads run out.
2. On the last layer we put the cloth and crush the load. It is best to make it in a bucket with water.
3. After 24 hours, the mushrooms will become darker, and after 3 days they can be laid out on cans. You can store them for no more than 1 month.

Pickled mushrooms

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Pickled mushrooms