Plaice Veronique

Arrange the rolls round a shallow dish. Cover with cling film and microwave for 5 minutes on full power . Mix in remaining ingredients, cover and cook for 5 minutes. Add grapes, cook 1 minute and serve.


  • 8 medium plaice fillets, skinned
  • salt and pepper
  • 150 ml dry white wine
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 100 g seedless grapes, plus a few extra to garnish (optional)
  • 25 g butter or margarine
  • 25 g plain flour
  • 150 ml milk

Cooking Process

  1. Roll up each fillet skinned side inwards.
  2. Place the fish rolls in a greased ovenproof dish.
  3. Season the fish with salt and pepper, pour over the wine and lemon juice.
  4. Cover and bake in a moderately hot oven for about 15 minutes , or until fish flakes easily when tested with the point of a knife.
  5. Transfer the fish to a serving dish and keep warm.
  6. Reserve the cooking liquor for the sauce.
  7. Place the grapes in boiling water, boil for one minute, then drain.
  8. Heat the butter or margarine over a gentle heat, add flour, then gradually add the milk, seasoning and reserved cooking liquor, stirring continuously.
  9. Bring the sauce to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer gently for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  10. Pour the sauce over the fish and garnish with the grapes adding a few unbalanced grapes if you like. Serve at once.

Plaice Veronique

Bon Apetite!


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Plaice Veronique