Rice tea

In Korea, rice is loved so much that it is not only eaten, but also drunk. By the way we’re not talking about hot drinks, but about the extraordinary tea from rice. Taking the first sip, you come in complete bewilderment: the taste — the usual food, and seemingly — slightly boiled tea.

With a second sip comes a joyful surprise, and with a third — a feeling of profound satisfaction. Are you ready to try these advantages of the drink, which seems to be rather simple at the first sight.

List of required products:

Begin to cook

  1. On medium fire, heat a wide saucepan with a thick bottom.Put the rice and fry, stirring until the rice has darkened. As a rule it is not longer than 10 min.
  2. Pour 1.25 liters of good drinking water and bring to a boiling condition.Salt, reduce the heat to a minimum and cook for 20 minutes.
  3. Serve hot tea in cups or drinking bowls by pouring it along with rice.

By the way

If you want to support the body during an avitaminosis, prepare such tea from brown rice. In this case, the drink is cooked longer — fry the rice for 20 minutes and cook for another 30 minutes.

Teas are considered to be rather popular nowadays. There are many kinds of them and it is up to you to decide what sort to choose this morning.

Rice tea

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Rice tea