Rolls with curd filling

We present you a recipe for the most wonderful dish with curd filling. Stitches turn out gentle and juicy. You can serve with ice cream, sour cream or sprinkled with powdered sugar.

List of ingredients:

For the dough
• potato starch — 5 tbsp
• sugar to taste
• cow’s milk — 0,5 l
• vegetable oil — 1 tbsp
• chicken eggs — 5 pieces
• Salt to taste
For filling
• chicken egg — 1 pc
• cottage cheese — 300 gr
• poppy seeds, dried apricots, raisins at will.

Cooking process

1. Take a bowl, pour sugar into it and drive in eggs. Beat the mixture with a whisk. Pour the potato starch, stir. Then pour in the resulting mass of milk and sunflower oil, stir. Leave for 15 minutes to allow the ingredients to be connected.
2. Lubricate the heated frying pan with a piece of fat. Pour a little dough, distribute it over the entire area of the frying pan. Fry one side.
3. The filling. In a large bowl, pour sugar, cottage cheese and drive an egg. If desired, add raisins, poppy seeds or dried apricots. Stir.
4. Put stuffing in the center of the padded and turn it in the form of tubes or envelopes.
5. The resulting tubes (envelopes) are stacked in a pan in layers, each is smeared with sour cream or melted butter.
6. Preheat the oven and bake for 15 minutes.

Rolls with curd filling

Bon Appetite!

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Rolls with curd filling