Spicy pepper in garlic sauce

This is a recipe for an excellent appetizer for a festive table or family dinner. Exquisite and piquant taste of the pepper will please everyone without exception.

List of ingredients:

  • Bulgarian pepper — 1 kg
  • vegetable oil — 60 ml
  • garlic — 6 cloves
  • sugar — 1 tsp
  • vinegar 9% — 2 tbsp
  • salt to taste

Cooking process

  1. Wash the peppers thoroughly. Take a frying pan, pour vegetable oil (30 ml) and fry the peppers on two sides. Put them in a deep bowl and peel.
  2. Prepare the fill. Peel the garlic, crush it and put in a small bowl. Add the vegetable oil (30 ml), sugar, salt, vinegar. Stir.
  3. Take the peppers and dip them one by one in the fill. Put them in the pan with the stems up. Pour in the remaining fill.
  4. Put in the fridge for 3 hours to marinate and its ready to serve.

Spicy pepper in garlic sauce

Bon Appetite!

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Spicy pepper in garlic sauce