Stuffed champignons with eggs

Today we decided to share with you my favorite recipe for stuffed champignons: with quail eggs. Stuffed mushrooms are very juicy, delicate and incredibly tasty. This dish is prepared very quickly: 5 minutes + half an hour for baking. A very delicious snack and ideal for a festive table.

List of ingredients:

• 12 large fresh champignons;
• 12 fresh quail eggs;
• one large head of onions;
• two tablespoons of sour cream;
• 50 grams of any hard cheese;
• vegetable oil odorless — for roasting;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste.

Cooking process:

1. Clean fresh champignons with large hats.
2. The legs are very finely chopped and folded into a separate bowl.
3. One large head of onions is peeled off the husks and also very finely chopped.
4. In the frying pan pour a little refined sunflower oil, warm it and spread the chopped onions.
5. Fry the onion until it is transparent, then lay out to the chopped legs of champignons.
6. After 5 minutes add to the frying pan two tablespoons of sour cream, salt to taste and mix thoroughly. We continue to simmer on a small fire until the mushrooms are ready.
7. Rub a piece of cheese on a large grater.
8. Fried mushrooms and onions are put into a separate bowl, we send grated cheese to them and mix thoroughly.
9. Baking tray is greased with vegetable oil.
10. Fill the mushroom hats with the cheese stuffing (without a slide) and put it into the tray.
11. Send the form with mushrooms to the oven, heated up to 180 degrees, for 20 minutes.
12. Form with mushrooms we get, make a teaspoon a small groove in the filling. In this groove, carefully drive the quail egg, so that the yolk remains intact.
13. Again, send the form to the oven for 10 minutes: bake until the eggs are ready.
14. Serve mushrooms on the table, decorating with dill sprigs.

Stuffed champignons with eggs

Bon Appetite!

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Stuffed champignons with eggs