Stunning tomatoes in cheese batter

Excellent snack on the festive table. But in everyday life it will be appreciated by your family and friends. Such tomatoes are prepared very simply and the products are used most affordable.

List of ingredients:

• tomatoes — 3 pcs
• flour — 1 tbsp
• eggs — 2 pieces
• cheese — 150 gr
• mayonnaise -3 tbsp
• salt, pepper by pinch
• vegetable oil

Cooking process:

1. Tomatoes are doused with boiling water, then put into ice water. So it will be easier to peel them.
2. Then rub the cheese.
3. Prepare the batter. In the cup, drive in eggs, add flour, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and grated cheese. Well, everything is mixed. If the clay turned out to be very liquid, then add the flour.
4. Take the frying pan and reheat the vegetable oil. Then dip the tomatoes in the batter and fry until golden brown.
5. Spread them on a napkin to get rid of excess fat.
6. The appetizer is ready, you can safely taste it.

Stunning tomatoes in cheese batter

Bon Appetite!

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Stunning tomatoes in cheese batter