Super appetizer for a festive table

We learn to prepare an awesome interesting snack for the festive table: rolls of chicken breast with peanuts.

The result is just super, and the recipe is surprisingly simple and fast. Chicken rolls are soft, delicious, and the unusual filling only adds to them piquancy. Unexpected result in a short time: what could be better?

List of required products:

  • one chicken breast;
  • 50 grams of hard cheese;
  • half a bunch of parsley;
  • garlic — 2 cloves;
  • salt and black ground pepper — to your own taste;
  • 70 grams of roasted peanuts;
  • sunflower refined oil — for frying.

Begin to cook

  1. We divide the chicken breast on the fillet: cut the small fillet and put it aside for the time being.A large fillet is cut in half.
  2. We cover the pieces of fillet with a packet and beat: if there is no hammer, you can use a wooden stick or a rolling pin instead.
  3. Each beaten piece is salted and sprinkled with pepper on both sides.
  4. We put the meat away for some time, let it marinate a little. That is the time for us to prepare the filling.
  5. A bunch of parsley is washed and finely chopped, folded into a plate.
  6. Garlic cloves are peeled from the husks, cut finely with a knife or let through the press.
  7. On a large grater we rub a small piece of hard cheese.
  8. We combine in a bowl some parsley, cheese and garlic.
  9. The most important ingredient of our filling is salty roasted peanut (we have bought some in packets).Peanuts is crushed with a knife (but not in crumbs, of course).
  10. We send peanuts to the filling and mix everything.
  11. In the middle of each chop we put fillings, roll up tightly.
  12. For a very hot frying pan pour the sunflower refined oil (2 tablespoons), and lay the rolls with a seam down. Fry from two sides to a golden crust, then fry from the sides, and bring to the preparedness for one minute under the lid.
  13. Here is a small tip for you. Excellent taste has rolls, which have been baked in the oven. So you can try both and check which one you would like more.
  14. At first the rolls should be cooled a bit, and then cut into pieces. If you cut them hot, then the juice may leak out.
  15. We decorate the dish with lettuce leaves and put pieces of rolls on it.

Super appetizer for a festive table

We serve such a delicious chicken rolls with an amazing summer salad in the form of a cake, with a secret dressing.

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Super appetizer for a festive table