Super snack in 2 minutes: for all occasions

Very tasty, original and tender appetizer from feta cheese, walnuts and parsley. Such a yummy is prepared very quickly, it will suit both every day and a holiday table. With such an ingredient, you can serve dried bread, crackers or vegetables: squash, eggplant, cucumber slices.

List of ingredients:

• 150 grams of feta cheese;
• 2-4 tablespoons of natural yogurt (can be replaced with sour cream);
• one bundle of green parsley;
• 40-50 grams of walnuts;
• two small cloves of garlic.

Cooking process

1. To grind the products, a blender, combine harvester or, alternatively, can be passed through a meat grinder. Today I decided to use a submersible blender.
2. A bunch of green parsley, we remove excess moisture and cut it into large pieces. We put everything in the bowl of the blender.
3. Dry and in frying pan walnuts, put into a bowl.
4. Peel two cloves of garlic (not very large) from the shell, and shift it into the blender bowl.
5. Add a couple of tablespoons of natural yogurt (you can replace sour cream). Grind the blender to homogeneity.
6. We send the most important ingredient in the bowl: feta cheese — and once again mix everything with a blender. Feta paste is ready.
7. You can serve it right in a bowl, with toasted pieces of bread.
8. Or immediately spread on pieces of bread, a fresh cucumber or salted crackers — and so put on the table.
9. As an example (in the photo) — fried eggplant slices and courgettes with cheese paste.

Super snack in 2 minutes: for all occasions

Bon Appetite!

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Super snack in 2 minutes: for all occasions