Unusual pasta «Khumus» from beans

We present to your attention a recipe of a very tasty paste made from beans. It can be served both as a separate dish, and as an addition to meat or fish dishes. Very good with fresh vegetables. It is prepared simply, but it takes a lot of time.

List of ingredients:

• 300 gr of beans
• 50 gr sesame seeds
• 50 ml of olive oil
• 3 pinches of salt
• 2 pinches of turmeric
• half a teaspoon of dried herbs
• 2 laurel leaves
• 2 pinches of dried garlic
• soda at the tip of the knife

Cooking process

1. First of all, pour the beans with boiling water and leave for a whole night. But in the morning it swells and absorbs all the juice, while increasing by three times. In this way, we reduce the cooking time, since the legumes need to be cooked for 2 hours to soften their shell.
2. After that, shift the beans to a cauldron or a saucepan and pour hot water. We pour soda on the tip of the knife and send it to cook for 20 minutes after boiling. Then we throw it back in a colander and wash it with warm water. In order to prevent the dish from getting bitter, don’t add more soda.
3. Then pour again hot water, add salt, put the bay leaves and cook for another half an hour until ready. Merge the water, leaving 100 ml for purification. Do not forget to remove the laurel leaves. Then put the finished beans in a deep container.
4. Sesame seeds are comminuted in a convenient way for you and combine with 20 ml of olive oil. Send the prepared paste to the beans, ripen the dried garlic, dried greens, pour in 20 ml of vegetable oil, while leaving 10 ml for decorating the dish. Using a submerged blender, we judge to a homogeneous mass, in parts we pour in liquid from cooking beans, which we left in advance.
5. Put the prepared hummus to in the bowl. Combine 10 ml of olive oil and turmeric. Mix well and add to paste. We decorate with fresh herbs.

Unusual pasta "Khumus" from beans

Bon Appetite!

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Unusual pasta «Khumus» from beans