Unusual snack: seashells with caviar

In the old days there were a lot of spectacularly decorated snacks. Naturally, they were served mostly in the houses of rich people. Now we can cook such a dish, regardless of our position or status in the society. For example, here is a recipe of such a bright and beautiful snack. Meet seashells with caviar.

For its preparation you can use both red and black caviar. This snack is looking really rich and wealthy.

What products to take

Begin to cook

  1. Knead the dough and roll it out on the table, but mind that the layer should not exceed 5-7 mm.
  2. Take the dough and cut out the shells from it. Mind, please, that the metal cake molds suit perfectly for this purpose.
  3. Press the samples with your fingers from one side.
  4. At the top it is necessary to make the cuttings with the help of the knife. The things should resemble fans after that.
  5. Whisk a yolk and cover the dough with it.
  6. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  7. Spread the future bakery on a baking sheet, which has to be covered with vegetable oil.
  8. We put the future dish into the oven preheated up to 200 degrees. After that bake for about 25-30 minutes.
  9. Cut the eggs into circles, rub the cheese (you can use the creamy one if you like).
  10. On shells we make the cuttings in order to open them slightly.
  11. We put one teaspoon of cheese on a circle of eggs.
  12. Then it is necessary to decorate everything with caviar.

Unusual snack: seashells with caviar

It turns out to be a wonderful snack. It is tasty and beautiful at the same time! You will definitely surprise everyone, as seashells with caviar will certainly delight everybody. Enjoy!

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Unusual snack: seashells with caviar