Vitamin Cowberry Tea

Since ancient times, a lot of medicinal drinks have been prepared in Europe. The ancestors actually knew how to use and to take everything that nature gave them. Cowberry tea was especially appreciated. Vitamin drink was prepared both from berries and from leaves.

It turned out to be the strongest remedy, which helped to restore strength, to improve immunity and to heal the entire body. As soon as the first leaves appeared, people started to pick them up and to dry them for future tea. It is spring now and you have enough time to make a harvest for the winter, and later collect the berries of red bilberry.

In addition, tea is incredibly tasty. Drink with healthy effect for the whole family!

What products to take

Begin to cook

  1. Berries are taken completely whole and not damaged. Don’t forget to wash them afterwards.
  2. After that, they should be spread out on a piece of paper and leave to dry so that they do not get sunlight. Mix them from time to time.
  3. At the same time young leaves are dried.
  4. Leaves should be dried for about 7 days, berries — 3 days.
  5. In order to make the cowberry tea, take berries or leaves (or mix both components).
  6. Put everything to the brewing vessel.
  7. Pour inside the boiling water.
  8. Leave to brew for 15-20 minutes.
  9. Add honey or sugar to taste.
  10. You should pour everything into a glass container.

Vitamin Cowberry Tea

Cowberry tea can be drunk in a cold and hot condition. Do not forget the useful recipes of our ancestors, because they are worth it!

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Vitamin Cowberry Tea