«Clever» and very quick cake

We want to introduce you to a very unusual recipe for an insanely delicious cake. «Clever» it is called because in the process of preparation it itself is divided into layers, although the dough is initially liquid. It turns out tender, juicy and insanely delicious.

List of ingredients:

• milk 0.5 liters
• butter — 125 gr
• egg — 5 pieces
• sugar — 150 gr
• flour — 110 gr
• vanilla to taste

Cooking process

1. Take a metal bowl, put the oil in it and melt it.
2. Then 4 eggs are divided into squirrels and yolks. Put them in separate cups.
3. In a cup of yolks drive 1 whole egg. Add sugar and vanillin, beat well. After that, pour melted butter to the resulting mixture and beat again.
4. Continuing to whisk, gently add to the mixture sifted flour. Then pour in warm milk and mix again.
5. Proteins slightly salted and beaten with a mixer until thick. Then add them to the test and, using the corolla, gently mix.
6. Oven warm up to 180 degrees.
7. Lubricate the special form with vegetable oil and pour the dough into it. Bake our product for 40 minutes.

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"Clever" and very quick cake

Bon Appetite!

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«Clever» and very quick cake