Delicious «Bounty» roll

We present you a recipe for a delicious dessert. It will appeal to all lovers of coconut. This roll is easy to prepare and deliciously delicious. Having prepared it for a holiday you will certainly surprise your guests with an original delicacy.

List of ingredients:

• baked milk biscuits — 0,2 kg
• sugar — 1 tbsp
• cocoa — 2 tbsp
• water — 0,5 t
• coconut shaving — 4 tbsp
• Butter — 80 gr
• powdered sugar — 3 tbsp

Cooking process

1. Start with the cookie, break it to the state of crumbs. Pour the cocoa and mix.
2. Separately dissolve the sugar in boiling water and pour out a little to the dry mixture. Knead the elastic dough.
3. Take warm butter, grind it with sugar powder and coconut. Then put food film on the table and lay out on it a mixture of cookies, from above we put coconut cream.
4. Accurately turn off the roll and clean in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Delicious dessert is ready, pleasant appetite!

Delicious "Bounty" roll

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious «Bounty» roll