Light cake without baking with prunes

To make this delicious cake, you don’t need special baking skills or knowledge in cooking, as you can make this cake without baking. We bring to your attention a simple and quick recipe for making cake. Even a beginner can cope with it, and when the cake is in a refrigeration unit impregnated, you will have the opportunity to relax by drinking coffee or tea. Since the basis of this cake includes such pastries as cookies, when the cake is ready you hardly can feel cookies, because to your liking it looks like a biscuit that was baked. Be sure to try and you will not regret!

List of ingredients:

• Sand sugar — 1 cup
• Butter — 100 grams
• Chocolate (preferably black) — to your liking
• Cookies (always soft) — 50 pcs.
• Prunes — 150 grams
• Cottage cheese — 500 grams
• Fatty sour cream — 250 ml

Cooking process

1. Take prunes. Put it in a small container and pour boiled water to it. After 15 minutes, pour out all the water, and put the prunes into small fractions.
2. The next step is to make the cream: pour all the granulated sugar into the blender, and also the cottage cheese and whisk these ingredients. After you get a lot of weight, add sour cream to it. Then you need to mix everything. Then, put a soft butter to this mass and mix again well.
3. Take a flat plate and lay out a layer of cookies, applying for it no more than 12 pieces. Lubricate the cream (do not spread much). The next layer is to put the previously cut prunes. Then again: put a layer of cookies, cream, prunes. In the finished cake, 4 layers are obtained.
4. In advance, you need to sprinkle part of the cream in order to cover the top and sides of the cake. Then decorate your cake, using grated chocolate or cocoa powder.

Light cake without baking with prunes

Bon Appetite!

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Light cake without baking with prunes