A wonderful raspberry cheesecake without baking

Cheesecake is one of the most fashionable desserts nowadays, which are served in almost all restaurants and cafes.
But at home, not everyone decides to cook it: it seems all the time that it is very difficult to find the right ingredients. Today we will prove the opposite! A great raspberry cheesecake with marshmallow will become very easy and we will not even have to bake it.

List of ingredients

• cottage cheese of any fat content — 500 grams;
• marshmallow — 300 grams;
• shortbread cookie — 300 grams;
• natural yogurt (excluding fillers) — 250 grams;
• powdered sugar — 50 grams;
• lime juice — 1 tablespoon;
• butter — 80 grams;
• milk of any fat content — 50 milliliters;
• fresh raspberries — 350 grams.

Cooking process

1. Prepare the basis for cheesecake: for this, a shortbread cookie (or any other dry biscuit) is suitable. Cookies should be chopped in a blender.
2. Now the raspberries need to be washed and add about one handful to the liver of the blender: in order to give our cake a crimson taste. There also add slightly softened butter. Whisk all the ingredients in the blender.
3. Pour a lot of biscuits, butter and raspberries into a bowl and mix them with hands until uniform.
4. Prepare a demountable form. The bottom is covered with parchment paper.
5. The ready basis is shifted to the bottom of the mold and tamped: make the basis for our cheesecake. The prepared cake can be cleaned in the fridge, and for now, let’s take care of the cream.
6. Curd with yogurt should be put in deep dishes. Here we add a little raspberries and lime juice. We blend all this with a blender into a homogeneous mass. As a result, you get a smooth, curd, creamy mixture: it has no lumps, pink, with a fragrant smell of raspberries.
7. Now we need to melt marshmallow in a water bath.
8. Smear the deep dishes with butter. Pour a little bit of milk and pour out marshmallows.
9. Put on a saucepan with boiling water, stir constantly. The main thing is to marshmallow thoroughly melted. You should get a homogeneous mass without lumps.
10. Add the resulting cream of marshmallow in small portions in a mixture of cottage cheese and mix. To better mix everything, you can use a blender or mixer.
11. While we were preparing the cream, the base of the cookies froze well and it’s time to lay out the raspberries and pour the cream on the biscuits.
12. Almost ready cheesecake we leave in the refrigerator for two hours: and better, of course, at night. Cheesecake needs to freeze well.
13. After the cheesecake has frozen, gently trim the edges with a thin knife. Take cheesecake from the form. Transfer it to the tray, take out the paper.
14. This zephyr-curd cheesecake can be decorated, anything: but as I have it crimson, I will use raspberries. In a blender, mix raspberries and powdered sugar. The resultant jam pours the edges! And for a more beautiful decoration we decorate with mint leaves and whole berries of the remaining raspberries.

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A wonderful raspberry cheesecake without baking

Bon Appetite!

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A wonderful raspberry cheesecake without baking