Amazing cake-ice cream in 15 minutes

A total from four ingredients you can cook a wonderful ice cream cake. The recipe is surprisingly simple and light, but the result is simply stunning. The combination of sugary and sweet boiled condensed milk and salted peanuts is so incomparable that it is simply impossible to convey in words. Be sure to take this recipe for a note and please your family with a wonderful dessert.
List of ingredients

• 350 milliliters of cream with 30% fat content;
• two cans of boiled condensed milk;
• 400 grams of Oreo cookies (or take any other cookies with stuffing);
• 150 grams of salted peanuts.

Cooking process

1. Before the cream and boiled condensed milk should be cooled well.
2. In a bowl, pour out the cooled cream and spread a jar of boiled condensed milk.
3. Beat the mixer at high speed until the mass becomes lush and all the clumps of condensed milk break.
4. Removable ring from the form tighten food film, put the side tape and put the ring on a flat surface (I put on the cutting board).
5. Take any chocolate sandwich cookies, spread it with the first layer in the form.
6. Fill the cookies with half of the milk mass, level.
7. Then open the second can of boiled condensed milk, and spoon, in a chaotic order, spread the condensed milk on the surface of the ice cream.
8. On top, lay out half of the salted peanuts you need by prescription.
9. Pour the remaining ice cream into the mold, level it.
10. Sprinkle with salted nuts and lay out a layer of cookies.
11. Remove the form with ice-cream in the freezer for 6-8 hours (or better for the whole night).
12. When the time passes, remove the ring and tape, turn the cake on a flat dish (the bottom of the cake should be on top).
13. Cut the cake-ice cream into portions and enjoy unearthly taste.

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Amazing cake-ice cream in 15 minutes

Bon Appetite!

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Amazing cake-ice cream in 15 minutes