Delicious Brownies

This recipe is for chocolate lovers. Browny is easy to make and tastes delicious.

List of ingredients

• cocoa powder — 70 gr
• wheat flour — 100 gr
• sugar — 200 g
• vanilla — on the tip of the knife
• butter — 150 gr
• salt — 1 pinch
• chicken eggs — 2 pieces

Cooking process

1. Put butter in a small bowl and melt it. Add sugar, salt and cocoa powder to it. Take a fork and mix the mixture well. Then drive in the eggs. Then pour the vanilla sugar and wheat flour. Again mix well.
2. Take the baking mold and smear it with butter. The shape needs to be applied in small dimensions. It should fit easily into the microwave. In the greased form, put all the dough and place the mold in the oven.
3. We put the maximum power in the oven and cook the cake for 5-6 minutes. All! Our chocolate pastry is ready.

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Delicious Brownies

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious Brownies