Delicious cake «Potato»

We present you a simple recipe for preparing a cake «Potato». It is made from simple products, but in spite of this it has many admirers. This cake is very tasty and delicate. It has various recipes, but we will introduce you to the classic.

List of ingredients

• cookies — 0.3 kg
• condensed milk — 150 g
• Butter — 100 gr
• cocoa — 3 tbsp
• cognac (optional) — 1 tsp

Cooking process

1. Chop the cookies.
2. Separately mix the condensed milk, butter and half of cooked cocoa. Stir thoroughly and add cognac. Again, stir. Important! First we stir with a spoon, but until ready we knead it with our hands.
3. Divide the resultant dough into 10 parts and form potatoes.
4. Put the billets of cakes in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then take out and roll in the remaining cocoa.
5. Decorate the finished product to your liking (nuts, fruits, cream).

Delicious cake "Potato"

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious cake «Potato»