Delicious chocolate cakes

The baking recipes, presented by is very simple and quick in its preparation. You can make the mixture in advance. Approximately 15-20 minutes before you plan to serve this treat to the table, place it in the oven. Shock your guests by making this sweet.

List of ingredients:

• Vanilla sugar — 1 pinch
• Baking Powder for Dough — 1 tablespoon
• Sugar — 200 gr
• Vegetable oil — 100 gr
• Cocoa powder — 5 tablespoons
• Cow’s Milk — 200 ml
• Wheat flour — 200 gr
• Chicken Eggs — 2 pieces

Cooking process

1. Take a deep bowl and pour cocoa powder and sugar into it. Stir.
2. In the resulting mixture, pour the sunflower oil and milk. Now it is necessary to mix so that it has turned out homogeneous.
3. Further it is required to divide in half into two tanks.
4. Take another bowl and sprinkle the baking powder and flour into it. Stir. Now with a sieve you need to sift it. Due to this action the flour mixture will increase the amount of oxygen.
5. In one of two parts we drive in eggs, as well as sifted flour. Using a mixer, you need to beat.
6. The next step is to prepare a baking dish. Take the butter and sprinkle it all over the shape. Apply the breadcrumbs, sprinkle it.
7. Take the mixture that was whipped and poured into the mold. Put in a preheated to 175 degrees oven and bake for 30 minutes.
8. When the specified time has passed, remove the baking dish and pour on it the second half of the previously prepared mixture. Again put in the oven for about 5 minutes to 5-10.
9. When you have finished the dough, leave it for a while, so that it cools down, and then take the knife and cut it into rectangles or squares of different sizes.

Delicious chocolate cakes

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious chocolate cakes