Dessert «Anthill»: tasty and incredibly beautiful

Do you like the famous «Anthill» cake? Yes? — Well, we are going to teach you how to prepare a special dessert for the next holiday or family tea drinking. Are you surprise? — In fact the peculiar feature of this yummy thing is that it has an unusual mini form, reminding a cupcake.

Such a dessert called Anthill will be a real sensation! It is convenient for eating, amazingly delicious and looks great.

What products to take

Begin to cook

  1. To the butter we should add sugar powder and then whisk our future dish carefully.
  2. Then add eggs and whisk everything again.
  3. Mix the flour and baking powder, gradually add everything to the total mass, mix all the components. As a result you will get a fairly soft and friable dough.
  4. We form a cake, then wrap it in a food film.
  5. We send it for half an hour to the fridge.
  6. We take it out and divide the chilled dough into pieces, which should be put into the meat grinder.
  7. We put our so called «ropes» on a baking sheet in a uniform layer.
  8. We put everything into an oven preheated up to 220 degrees, bake until the dough become golden. As a rule, it takes about 15 minutes.
  9. Slightly mix everything and bake for another 3-5 minutes.
  10. Cool, crumb and mix with condensed milk.
  11. We put it into molds for cupcakes or muffins.

Dessert "Anthill": tasty and incredibly beautiful

You can decorate such a beautiful dessert in any way you like! From this amount of ingredients, we have got 16 mini Ant Hills. Enjoy your meal.

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Dessert «Anthill»: tasty and incredibly beautiful