Fabulous cake from watermelon

Cake made from watermelon is an excellent summer dish, which will take very little time to cook. This recipe does not involve cooking in the oven, so you do not have to languish in the kitchen. Such cake can easily be left in the refrigerator for the night, while the applied decor will not lose its appearance. To decorate the cake, we used a stunning cream of manga. The recipe for its preparation was taken from our website «Recipe Ideas».

List of ingredients

• watermelon — 1 piece
• fruit for decoration
• cream — 300 gr
• almonds — 1 tbsp

Cooking process

1. First you need to cut off the top of watermelon. Then gently cut off the peel. As a result, you will get one big «biscuit».
2. After that, dry the watermelon with a napkin and cover it with a cream prepared beforehand.
3. Separately fry almonds, cool it and sprinkle over the cream.
4. Decorate our cake with different fruits to your liking.

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Fabulous cake from watermelon

Bon Appetite!

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Fabulous cake from watermelon