Fascinating cake with nuts

I was surprised by the result. You must try them.

List of ingredients:

• Nuts — 160 grams
• Vegetable oil (grease the pan)
• Wheat flour — 2 tablespoons
• Protein of chicken eggs — 5 pieces
• Sand of sugar — 200 grams
• Salt — 1 pinch
• List of products to make cream
• Softened butter — 200 grams
• Wheat flour — 2 tablespoons
• Black chocolate (grated)
• Yolk of chicken eggs — 5 pieces
• Sand of sugar — 100 grams
• Cow’s Milk — 500 ml
• Vanilla — 1 packet

Cooking process

1. Take a small container and mix the flour with the previously ground nuts. Mix this mass. Further it is required to divide yolks from proteins. Put squirrels with salt in a deep container and whisk together with a mixer (until strong peaks). Without stopping, add the sugar. Beat until a lush and persistent foam is obtained.
2. Combine the mixture of nuts and flour together with protein foam. Do not hurry, slowly mix the mass. Next, take a baking sheet and cover it with baking paper. Add a little vegetable oil. Put the finished mixture on a baking sheet and distribute it evenly throughout the mold. I had a size of 20/30 centimeters.
3. Put our mass in the oven, preheated in advance to 170 degrees. Bake approximately 40-45 minutes. After you pull the baking tray out of the oven, it does not immediately follow from it to get the cake. Let to cool down, then pull out and remove the baking paper. Next, divide the cake into 3 pieces, cutting it horizontally and half.
4. Begin to make the cream: in a certain capacity pour the cow’s milk, to it we pour out wheat flour, sand sugar, vanilla, and also yolks of chicken eggs. Using the corolla, interfere with all products and put this capacity on a gas stove. Light the fire and bring cream to that state until it starts to boil. At the same time it is required to stir it all the time. Continuing to stir, cook for about 10-15 minutes. As soon as the cream thickens, turn off the heat and remove from the plate.
5. Do not wait for the cream to cool, pour softened butter into it. Using a corolla, we interfere with our cream. Next, begin to form a cake: put all the cakes on a flat plate (it is better to take the spacing) and smear them with a hot cream. Lay the cakes one on one.
6. Then we need to put the cake in the refrigerator (4-5 hours). During this time, the cakes will be impregnated. After the specified time has passed, take out cake and cut it into pieces (you can have different sizes). Top of each piece, grease previously separated cream.

Fascinating cake with nuts

Bon Appetite!

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Fascinating cake with nuts