Light, refined and dietary «Panacota»

According to this recipe, this refreshing dessert can be cooked in both cups and poured into molds for serving on a plate. Lose weight with pleasure.

List of ingredients

• Sugar vanilla — 1 teaspoon
• Cow milk — 1 glass (preferably, its fat content was 0.5%)
• Gelatin — 2 tablespoons
• Sugar sand — 4 tablespoons
• Curd fat-free — 250 grams

Cooking process

1. Take a rather large bowl and pour the cottage cheese into it. Add sugar, and also vanilla. Well we all get in the way.
2. With the help of cow’s milk soak gelatin and set it aside so that it swells up. Next, install a container with gelatin on the gas stove and turn on the fire, quietly stir until all the gelatin is dissolved. It does not need to be boiled. Let it cool down.
3. After the milk-gelatin mixture has cooled slightly, pour it out to the cottage cheese. All mixed, and then can be poured into small molds or cups. Put it in the refrigerator, in which it will freeze.

Light, refined and dietary "Panacota"

Bon Appetite!

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Light, refined and dietary «Panacota»