Chicken in a hoisin marinade

This is a typical Asian dish, which can be prepared both to festive or ordinary table. As a rule, it is appreciated by everybody around. That is why we are sure you will like it!

List of required products:

  • chicken legs of any pieces of wings — 1-1.2 kg
  • hoisin sauce — 4 tbsp.;
  • sesame oil — 3 tbsp.;
  • Chinese seasoning «5 spices» — 0.5 tsp.;
  • honey — 2 tsp.;
  • black pepper — 0.25 tsp.;
  • lemon juice (or rice vinegar) — 1 tbsp.;
  • chili pepper — 1 fine (without seeds and finely chopped)
  • garlic — 1 clove (squeezed out);
  • salt — 1 tbsp.

Begin to cook

  1. Wash the chicken and dry with a paper towel. Heat the hoisin. Mind that as a rule it is quite thick, so it mixes badly with the rest of the ingredients. Add to the rest of the ingredients and mix everything carefully. Put the pieces of chicken into a bowl, pour with the marinade, leave for 4 hours or overnight in a cool place.
  2. Preheat the oven up to 180 degrees. Cover the baking tray with a foil. Put the chicken pieces onto a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes on one side, 10 minutes on the other. Marinade should be left.
  3. Take the baking tray again, brush the surface of the chicken with the remaining marinade and put again for 5 minutes into the oven. At the very end we cover the surface with hoisin sauce and bake for another 5 minutes. Serve your dish immediately with rice.

Chicken in a hoisin marinade

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Chicken in a hoisin marinade