A fabulous dietary apple strudel

Apple strudel is a delicious dessert of Austrian cuisine. You should definitely try to bake it yourself. According to our recipe, it is much better than in restaurants — juicy, with a thin dough and crisp.

List of ingredients:

• puff pastry — 2 leaves
• apples (sour) — 2-3 pieces
• cinnamon (ground) — half a teaspoon
• granulated sugar — 4 tablespoons
• flour — 2 tablespoons
• nuts (ground) — 100 gr
• brown sugar — 3 tablespoons
• bread crumbs — 2 tablespoons
• chicken egg — 1 pc
• water — 1 teaspoon

Cooking process

1. Peel apples and cut into squares. Put in a container and add cinnamon, brown and white granulated sugar, flour. It’s good to mix everything and leave for a quarter of an hour (in order to let the apples start the juice).
2. Take another container and stir in it crackers, nuts and 2 types of sugar.
3. Take the dough and roll one sheet. Lay the filling as follows: first nut mass, and over it — apple. Wrap the edges of the dough. With the second sheet, do the same.
4. Put the paper on the baking sheet for baking. Place two rolls on it. Whisk egg and one teaspoon of water in a separate container and grease it with pastries.
5. Put them in a preheated to 190 degree oven and leave to bake for 40-45 minutes.

A fabulous dietary apple strudel

Bon Appetite!

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A fabulous dietary apple strudel