Amazing Italian ice cream

We present to your attention the recipe for a stunned ice cream, which you can prepare yourself at home. Be sure to please with them children, and not only. This amazing and unforgettable taste of delicate ice cream will not leave anyone indifferent. Add the recipe to your culinary treasury and enjoy.

List of ingredients

• 150 g chocolate
• 100 g of cocoa
• 400 ml of milk
• a pinch of salt
• 150 g of sugar
• 4 egg yolks

Cooking process

1. Combine in a casserole, 100 ml of milk and salt. Mix the mixture well.
2. Finely break the chocolate and send it to another pan.
3. The first liquid is put on the fire and brought to a boil. Then pour it into a pot of chocolate.
4. And in this pour 100 ml of milk and pour out the sugar. Heat up to that condition, until all the sugar dissolves.
5. After that, beat the egg yolks and send them to the pan, which is on the stove. Mix well with a wooden spoon until it is thick.
6. Using a sieve, pour the prepared mass into the chocolate mixture.
7. Take the larger capacity and place the ice cubes there. Then we put in it a container with the prepared mass. Thoroughly stir until cooled. Then cover with a lid and send it to the refrigerator until it is completely solidified.

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Amazing Italian ice cream

Bon Appetite!

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Amazing Italian ice cream