Amazing Milk Jelly with Chocolate

We present to your attention the recipe for an amazing dessert, which everyone will like. This gentle taste will conquer anyone. Wonderful fit for children’s holiday or just for tea with guests. Preparing this delicacy is easy and the taste is amazing.

List of ingredients

• Milk 750 ml
• Chocolate 150 g
• Sugar sand — 100 g
• Gelatin — 30 g
• Vanillin to taste

Cooking process

1. Soak in cold boiled water gelatin, in proportions of 1: 8. Leave it to swell for 30-40 minutes.
2. Heat the milk. Using a grater, rub chocolate and, together with sugar, send to warm milk. Stir well before dissolving the ingredients.
3. Then carefully pour the swollen gelatin and bring the mass to a boil. Then pour out the forms and send them to cool in the refrigerator.
4. When the jelly will fully grasp, then we take it out and for 1-3 seconds place the mold in hot water. Then use the plate to turn it over, pour with your favorite syrup or decorate with whipped cream.

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Amazing Milk Jelly with Chocolate

Bon Appetite!

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Amazing Milk Jelly with Chocolate