Amazingly beautiful and delicious chocolate cake without baking

This cake does not need to be baked. Try it and you will be delighted! We present to your attention the most beautiful recipe for chocolate cake, which has an amazing taste and a wonderful view. This cake will be the best alternative for those people who do not want to mess with flour and eggs, as well as further baking. It is so simple to cook that even inept cooks can easily do it. Do not be afraid that it will not work for you. It’s just impossible. All you need is quality products. Be sure to purchase such cream, so that their fat content corresponds to that indicated in the recipe below and necessarily bitter chocolate. Also requires a quality pudding. It is sold in many stores. Do not look at the fact that the list of products is very large. Most of them are repeated several times. It’s very simple: melt, mix and pour into shape.

List of ingredients

• Condensed milk (necessarily boiled) — half a glass
• Chocolate (only bitter) — 200 grams
• Biscuit biscuit cookies — 250 grams
• Fat cream (38%) — half a cup

The right foods to cook mousse with condensed milk

• Condensed milk condensate — 2 tablespoons
• Fat cream (38%) — 500 ml
• Vanilla pudding (necessarily soluble) — 1 pack (80 grams in it)

Foods to cook glaze
• Butter — 50 grams
• Fat cream (38%) — 150 ml
• Chocolate (necessarily bitter) — 150 grams

Cooking process

1. Take the bowl and place all the products mentioned above: fatty cream, condensed milk, butter, chocolate. Put on the stove and turn on the fire. Stir until the mass until its homogeneous. Then turn off the gas and let it cool down a bit, and then break the cookies into large pieces and pour them into the bowl with the resulting mass.
2. Take the baking paper and put it in the mold. It is desirable that the mold is detachable. In that case, if you want your cake to have smooth edges, put a confectionery ring in the form, which is plastic. But if there is no such form, it does not matter. Place the entire mass in the mold and level it well.
3. Further, it is required to be engaged in preparation of mousse with the condensed milk. In a small container combine pudding and cream. Mix well. Then pour in the condensed milk. Spread mousse in the form on a basis of a cake and distribute by a uniform layer on all surface. After these actions, put the cake in the freezer for 60 minutes.
4. Begin to make the glaze. In a small container put butter and black chocolate. Put on a small fire and melt. Pour in the cream and mix. Let the glaze cool down, and then pour it on the mousse. Put the cake in the refrigerator to freeze the glaze.

Amazingly beautiful and delicious chocolate cake without baking

Bon Appetite!

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Amazingly beautiful and delicious chocolate cake without baking