Apples stuffed with raisins and lentils

The sour-sweet taste of apples and raisins with a spicy note of ginger and curry turns lentils into an exquisite dish.

List of required products:

  • apples — 8 items;
  • ginger — 3 cm;
  • dark small raisin — 30 g
  • onions — 2 items;
  • canned lentils — 400 g;
  • curry — 1 tsp.;
  • coriander — 2 sprigs;
  • salt, pepper, vegetable oil — to taste.

Begin to cook

  1. Frankly speaking, you can also stuff quince, but if you are stuffing apples, we recommend you to choose sour-sweet or sour varieties.
  2. Cut the apples into 2 pieces, take out the middle and sprinkle with the juice of the lemon, as in such a way they won’t be darkened. The taken inner part has to be chopped carefully.
  3. Onion and ginger are chopped finely either and fried until golden brown hint for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to stir as often as possible.
  4. Add chopped cilantro, raisins, curry and fry for another 1 minute. Mix with lentils and apple inner part.
  5. Grease the baking dish carefully. Stuff the halves of the apples with the prepared mixture and put them in a baking tray. Sprinkle apples with vegetable oil and send to a preheated oven for 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
  6. Serve them warm and don’t forget to decorate with the greens.

Apples stuffed with raisins and lentils

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Apples stuffed with raisins and lentils