Awesome ice cream cake with chocolate

To make an original festive dessert, which will decorate any event, is quite simple. It turns out the ice cream cake is delicious and very spectacular — you can not tear yourself away until you eat everything to the last bit. This wonderful delicacy will please everyone absolutely: both children and adults. Cook and enjoy a fabulous taste, especially since it’s very quick and easy.

List of ingredients

• 500 grams of chocolate ice cream;
• four large bananas;
• 8 teaspoons of chocolate syrup;
• half a glass of any (preferably natural) honey;
• 5 tablespoons peanut butter;
• 1.5 cups of crumbs of biscuit biscuits.

Cooking process

1. Mix the cookie crumbs and a half of the total with honey and peanut butter.
2. Take the form for the cake and distribute the resulting mixture along the bottom and sides.
3. Bananas are cleaned, rubbed in mashed potatoes (you can use a blender) and poured into a frying pan.
4. Then add the remaining honey and heat it over low heat, with constant stirring, until it thickens. We leave to cool down.
5. Chocolate ice cream is put into deep dishes, whisked with a mixer and mixed with a banana-honey mix.
6. The resulting filling is laid out on the basis of the biscuit. Form with ice cream covered with food film and sent to the freezer for 4 hours.
7. Before serving, you can decorate with bananas and chocolate syrup.

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Awesome ice cream cake with chocolate

Bon Appetite!

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Awesome ice cream cake with chocolate