Banana pudding in a multicooker

We present you the recipe for a tender and juicy pudding prepared in a multicooker. Suitable for those who have little free time, but really want something to pamper themselves. And this pudding is just a godsend for those who fight with weight, because for 100 gr. the product goes only 108 calories.

List of ingredients:

• bananas — 500 gr
• chicken egg — 2 pieces
• milk — 200 gr
• semolina — 100 gr

Cooking process

1. Beat the egg with milk in a blender. Add semolina and whisk again.
2. Bananas are cleaned and cut into small slices of 2 mm. We put it in the form for multicooker. On top, pour out the resulting mixture and bake for 40 minutes.
3. Get out of the allotted time and leave for 5 minutes. During this time, the liquid that has appeared as a result of baking will be absorbed back into the pudding. Then serve to the table, decorating with fruit or a sprig of mint.

Banana pudding in a multicooker
Bon Appetite!

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Banana pudding in a multicooker