Chocolate cream for breakfast and baking

Incredibly delicious creamy chocolate cream with condensed milk. Perhaps, this is one of the simplest and quickest recipes for preparing a cream for cakes and a variety of cakes — an incredibly tasty creamy chocolate cream with condensed milk.
The taste is very gentle, much softer than the traditional cream. Such cream will serve as an excellent addition to any home-made cakes and cookies.

List of ingredients:

• cream (cold, their fat content is not less than 33-35%) — 0.5 liters;
• condensed milk — 200 grams;
• cocoa powder — 30-40 grams.

Cooking process

1. To make a cream, we need a mixer. It is better to use the submersible mixer model, which has a deep bowl. After all, we need to whip the cream continuously and then, at the end, add the cold cream.
2. Cream should be with a high percentage of fat and necessarily fresh: they must be cooled before whipping.
3. First, pour the condensed milk into the bowl and add the cocoa. I prefer cocoa to sift, because as a result I want to get a uniform consistency, but you can just pour out the cocoa powder (30 or 40 grams). If you like more chocolate taste, add more cocoa. If you just want to give a light taste of cocoa and a gentle shade of cream, put less cocoa. Whisk all about one minute on low speed.
4. Then add the cold cream. We pour out everything at once. Whisk should be immediately at medium speed, and after a couple of seconds go to high speed. Beat until the mass turns into a magnificent cream. The main thing is, do not allow the cream to interrupt and become a chocolate oil: you need to stop in time.
5. The finished cream is transferred to a clean bowl, covered with a food film and placed in the refrigerator. We take out if necessary.

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Chocolate cream for breakfast and baking

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Chocolate cream for breakfast and baking