Creamy sweets «Korovka» with cocoa

The recipe for cooking candies favorite since childhood is so simple that even a child can do it. Homemade sweets are much tastier and more useful than store candy, as they consist only of natural ingredients. They can be given to the smallest sweet tooth. The taste of this delicacy is so original that it is even impossible to compare it with anything.

List of ingredients

• 5-6 cups of sugar;
• 2.5 tablespoons of wheat flour and cocoa powder;
• 120 grams of butter;
• 500 milliliters of milk with a fat content of at least 3.5%;
• 3 fresh chicken eggs.

Cooking process

1. In the pot, pour out the milk, drive in fresh chicken eggs. Mix with whisk.
2. Then add the granulated sugar, stir until the sugar partially dissolves.
3. Add the powder sieved through the cocoa sieve and flour, stir the entire mass with a whisk until it is uniform.
4. After that, put the pan on the stove, bring the mixture to a boil and reduce the fire to a minimum.
5. With constant stirring, cook for seven minutes, then add butter at room temperature.
6. Cook all together until the mass begins to thicken and change its color: it should be a tender milky shade and viscous.
7. The hot mass is poured into molds, leveled with a knife and left at room temperature.
8. Wait for complete cooling and remove the form with sweets in the freezer for two hours.
9. Serve with a cup of fragrant tea.

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Creamy sweets "Korovka" with cocoa

Bon Appetite!

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Creamy sweets «Korovka» with cocoa