Crispy «Hvorost» on mineral water

This baking, presented by us can be compared to all the familiar honey baklava, which is also prepared with the help of mineral water. This delicacy is very simple in its preparation. This batch will take very little time. It has wonderful taste qualities. If you want to cook a crisp dessert, use this recipe.

List of ingredients:

• Salt — 1 pinch
• Sour cream (optional) — 1 tablespoon
• Mineral water — 200 ml
• Sunflower oil (for frying) — 0,5 liters
• Wheat flour — 600 gr
• Sugar — 1 teaspoon
• Vodka — 3 tablespoons
• The right products for cooking syrup
• Honey — 1 teaspoon
• Water — 2/3 cup
• Sugar — 200 gr

Cooking process

1. Take a deep container, for example a bowl. Pour all the wheat flour into it, and in the middle make a small hole.
2. Pour in sour cream, vodka and mineral water. Add here sugar and salt. Take a tablespoon and mix well.
3. Make dough. It should be quite elastic. After the dough is ready, place it in a bowl, covered with a thin cloth. Leave it to stand for a while. Take it and mix it again.
4. Now take the rolling pin and roll the whole piece of dough into a thin layer, approximately 1 mm thick. You can divide all the dough into 5-6 smaller pieces and roll out each separately. So it will be much more convenient.
5. Roll the rolled out layer of dough, making a roll from it.
6. Cut the roll into pieces, about 2 centimeters. You need to cut a 45 degree angle with the knife.
7. Now put the frying pan on the fire and pour all the sunflower oil into it. Well heat it.
8. Put rolls in oil and fry on each side until they get a gilded shade.
9. During the frying the rolls will unfold, eventually you will get layered pastries.
10. To ensure that your delicacy is not too fat, immediately after roasting, put it on a napkin or paper towel. Paper will absorb excess oil.
11. Now make syrup. Place in a small pan all the ingredients indicated for the preparation of the syrup, and put on a small fire. Start to get in the way. Do not stop doing this until this fluid starts bubbling. Turn off the fire and put aside the pan.
12. Give the «brushwood» a little cool and dunk each piece into the syrup.
13. Tear off the ready delicacy with nuts, which you had to grind beforehand. You can also use powdered sugar.

Crispy "Hvorost" on mineral water

Bon Appetite!

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Crispy «Hvorost» on mineral water