Crispy wafers, Russian recipe

It’s time to get the old waffle iron and use this recipe. Bring the taste of your childhood to your children.

List of ingredients

• Sand sugar — 1 cup
• Vanilla sugar — a small pinch
• Chicken Eggs — 3 pieces
• Wheat flour — 2 cups
• Salt — pinch
• Creamy margarine (you can butter) — 200 grams
• Baking soda — a small pinch
• Cow’s Milk — 1,5 cups

Cooking process

1. Take a small pot and put margarine in it. Put it on the gas stove and turn on the fire and let the margarine melt. Drive in chicken eggs, and pour out the sugar. Well get in the way of the mixture. Then add vanilla sugar, salt, cow’s milk, soda and, in several parishes, pour in all the wheat flour.
2. Depending on the quality of flour, it may happen that cow’s milk needs more than indicated in the recipe. When baking wafers dough will be located throughout the area of the waffle iron. Therefore, it should be made liquid. Next, using a mixer, you need to shake everything. In a pre-included waffle iron pour a little dough and start baking waffles (one at a time). Ready dessert has a gilded hue. As soon as you remove the wafer from the waffle iron, without waiting for it to cool down, immediately twist it into the shape of a tube.
3. Also, you can apply prepared wafers as cakes for a small cake, smeared each with any jam, cream or jam.

Crispy wafers, Russian recipe

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Crispy wafers, Russian recipe