Delicate strawberry tiramisu

We present to your attention a recipe for a delicious breakfast or a snack, a curd dessert with strawberries and a banana. This is a delicate variation of the famous Italian dessert. It’s just perfect in the strawberry season. And the rest of the time is also suitable frozen berries.

List of ingredients

• 200 g strawberries
• 100 ml of milk
• 500 grams of cottage cheese (low-fat)
• 50 gr of dark bitter chocolate
• 2 tablespoons coffee drink
• 2 bananas

Cooking process

1. Cut bananas and strawberries and leave it for decoration.
2. Take the cottage cheese and, with the help of a blender, bring it to a homogeneous mass.
3. Add coffee drink, pre-cooked.
4. Take the pialachos and put the bananas first in the bottom, then add the strawberries.
5. Top the curd mass.
6. Then sprinkle with chocolate, previously rubbed.
7. If the dishes are high, then the layers can be repeated.
8. The rest of the fruit is decorated with a delicacy and sent to the refrigerator for the night.

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Bon Appetite!

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Delicate strawberry tiramisu