Delicious and fast homemade ice cream

We want to share a very simple and delicious home-made ice cream recipe. It is prepared very simply, quickly from the minimum quantity of easily accessible products and it can be made without the use of ice cream: all the same, it turns out very gentle and airy. In addition, homemade ice cream can be given even to small children as it is completely natural.

List of ingredients

• condensed milk — 190 grams;
• vanilla sugar — 10 grams
• cream (fat content is not lower than 30%) — 500 milliliters.

Cooking process

1. In advance, cool the cream in the fridge, since fatty and very cold creams are well beaten.
2. To the cream, add vanilla sugar and whisk at medium speed until soft peaks. For ice cream, it is very important not to over whisk it, the consistency should remain gentle and soft.
3. I add the condensed milk and I beat at a low speed to a homogeneous air mass. The amount of condensed milk can be adjusted to your liking: if you do not like too sweet, then you can put a little less. I do not advise you to put more, as ice cream is very sweet.
4. Weight for ice cream is ready. On request, you can add crushed nuts, grated chocolate, raisins or fruit.
5. We put the mass in the food container or molds for ice cream and send it to the freezer for 3-4 hours, or better at night, so it freezes.
6. Homemade ice cream is ready! It is very delicate, tasty, and most importantly — natural! If desired, you can pour on top with any sauce or jam.

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Delicious and fast homemade ice cream

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious and fast homemade ice cream