Delicious apple marmalade in the multicooker

We present you the recipe of marmalade, which you will surely take you to your childhood. We do not always use a multicooker, but we simply have to cook jam. It is in it that it turns out to be incredibly delicious. The most important thing is to pick up delicious apples and no nasty flavor additives. You do not exactly buy this marmalade in the store.

List of ingredients

• 8 apples
• 500 gr of granulated sugar

Cooking process

1. Wash, clean apples and harvest seeds. After that cut the lobules and put them in the bowl of the multicooker. Put on the «baking» mode and prepare for half an hour. Sometimes stir and watch, so as not to burn.
2. Then we send to the table and filter the prepared apples. Add sugar and put them back in the bowl multicooker for the same mode and the same time.
3. When the mass thickens shift it into the prepared form and put for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

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Delicious apple marmalade in the multicooker

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious apple marmalade in the multicooker