Delicious biscuits with yogurt

Many people do not really like yogurt, but they will definitely like this biscuits we present to you. We want to share with you a recipe for a delicious yogurt, which is prepared very quickly. It is presented in the form of baking. In ready-made form it has an amazing aroma and very curvy shape. This dish will be a wonderful alternative for dinner with your family. With the help of the recipe below, you can independently make the biscuits in the shortest time.

List of ingredients

  • Sugar sand — 200 grams
  • Baking soda — 1 teaspoon
  • Salt — 1 pinch
  • Yogurt — 200 grams
  • Butter (softened) — 120 grams
  • Wheat flour — 200 grams
  • Vinegar — 1 teaspoon
  • Sour Cream — 200 grams
  • Chicken Eggs — 2 pieces

Cooking process

  1. Take a bowl and drive in it chicken eggs, pour out the sugar. Using a mixer, whisk them well. Next, here, spread the butter and add sour cream. Mix everything well. In a separate container (preferably large) combine wheat flour and stir the mixture.
  2. Next, combine the previously prepared mixture of sugar and eggs with a mixture of flour and extinguish the soda with vinegar and pour it to the dough. We are hindering everything very well until the mass is homogeneous. Pre-cooked baking dish with butter.
  3. Put everything in the oven in advance, turned on at a temperature of 200 degrees for 30-40minutes.
  4. In order to know if the biscuit is ready or not, you need to pierce it with a match (you can also apply a toothpick). If they are dry, then the biscuit is ready.

Delicious biscuits with yogurt

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious biscuits with yogurt